You are my queen
my queen of spades,
beautiful and dangerous at the same time.
everytime i hold you in my hands, i shiver.
everytime i see you, i get nervous and insecure.
i´d hate you stay with me.
i want to give you away
but you don´t leave.

i am the one you chose,
i am the victim,
i can´t help it.

but sometimes i want you.
i really hope for you to come.
i want you to appear,
 to come to me,
i´d love it to hold you in my hands!

With all heart i want you,
i have everything i need except of you.
and then you appear.
i can see you.
you are there!

but at the same time i realize it:
i can´t get you.
i eally want you, but again,
i can´t help it.

And then i know:
Without you,
all my heart is worthless.